A cloud based API
for locating connected things
Combain Location API


Private and secure
Never share your location data with any third party.


>140 million cell ids
195 of 195 countries globally.


Accessed over the internet with HTTP Free sign up!

TypeTotal number
GSM> 30 000 000
WCDMA> 68 000 000
CDMA> 2 000 000
LTE> 39 000 000
Indoor WIFI> 1 000 000 000
Truly global

Based on billions of positions from global crowd-sourcing

The service uses Combain’s global database of cell-ids, Bluetooth beacons and LoRaWAN gateways. The database is continuously updated by our algorithms processing millions of positions from global crowd-sourcing. Your usage of the API is private and not shared with any third party.

We also offer a Combain Location API in China in cooperation with a local partner. Thus Combain Location API is truly a global service.

RegionCoverageNr. of cells
Europe99.2>50 000 000
USA99.9>13 000 000
North America99.7>17 000 000
Asia97>44 000 000
Pacific98.5>13 000 000
Africa97.2>5 000 000
South America98.8>8 000 000

How it works

Combain Location API helps you locate wireless connected devices. By submitting the radio signals in the proximity of a device to this API, it will respond with the most likely geographical coordinates for that device.
Combain Location API = GPS but with lower cost, lower power and also works indoor! Ideal for connected IoT and M2M devices!

The Combain Location API is using Combain’s Location Database that is built on billions of measurements of position from GPS and radio data from beacons like cell towers. All this data is received from customers and partners, millions of new measurements every day. From all this billions of data points, we use our own modelling algorithms and a lot of server power to calculate a radio model for every beacon in the world. All these radio models become the Combain Location Database. When a location request is made to Combain Location API, the most likely position of the device is calculated based on all these radio models we have stored in the Combain Location Database.

The access to Combain Location Database is through a web-based API. By sending an HTTP request including cell-id/wifi/bluetooth radio data, the latitude and longitude parameters for the most likely position for the device and an error estimate (accuracy) is returned. So to use the Combain Location API service you need access to the radio data from the device you would like to locate.

Enhanced indoor location

The Combain Location Database also includes positioning indoor by wifi and bluetooth. But since GPS does not work indoor, regular crowd sourcing is not that effective. Therefore Combain has made a lot of research together with Lund University on self-learning algorithms for indoor positioning and modelling. There are now tools for customers to use that enables more accurate indoor location and floor information. Contact us for information.

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“Radio Positioning for Dummies”


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