Server software for locating connected things
Combain On-Prem Location Server

Enhanced security

Installed on your servers

Keep your own location data safe


High performance for high volume 

Low latency

Seamless indoor/outdoor

Global database with global coverage

Enhance with Combain indoor for your facility

Server software

Combain On-Prem Location Server is a dockerized server software that you install on your server or computer. The software will expose the Combain Location API that will help you to locate wireless connected devices.
By sending cell-ids or MAC addresses in the proximity of a device to this API, it will respond with the geographical coordinates for that device.

  • Enhanced security and privacy
  • Highly scalable solution with  very low latency
  • Accessed locally using HTTP(s)

Global coverage

The software uses a copy of Combain’s global positioning database which includes many millions of cell-ids and MAC addresses from all around the world. You select how much of this data to be licensed and used in your local instance of the database.

The database is continuously updated by our algorithms processing millions of positions from global crowdsourcing and these updates can be synchronized to your server automatically if online with internet connection or manually if offline with no internet connection.

  • 195 countries (i.e. every country in the world)
  • 140 million cell-ids (GSM, WCDMA, LTE, NR)
  • 100 million buildings with indoor positioning

Use case

Combain OnPrem Location Server is used by customers with very high requirements on volume, latency, security, privacy or operational control. Thanks to the security and privacy the OnPrem Location Server provides, it is also used by police and security agencies that track smartphones and vehicles.

In a typical tracking case, the device scans for radio signals. The list of scan results, cell-ids and/or Wi-Fi and Bluetooth MAC addresses and their signal strengths, are sent to Combain OnPrem Location Server.

Combain algorithms will look up these cell-ids and MAC addresses in the local database, perform positioning magic based on probability and signal strength, and then return a geographical coordinate (latitude, longitude) of the most likely position as a response to the API request. An accuracy figure in meters is also returned based on the uncertainty in the position. The uncertainty and actual error depends on the proximity, density and range of the found radio networks.

The API is a HTTPS RESTful API. The full specification and sandbox for testing can be found here:

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